Future of Education

These articles impose the question of “can technology be a greater good to improving the students way of bettering their education?” Will it be possible to create a new environment in classroom where students and teachers can find a common ground and form a relationship through which they can use online courses or homeworking online effective? I personally find having a teacher present during class time effective for me to learn. I need to have a physical relationship with my teacher so that I can easily communicate and ask questions when I have trouble with the curriculum, and help me step by step. It’s difficult maintaining that type of classroom online where there’s not physical conversations going about.

With technology continuously advancing, there’s no worries that students won’t be properly educated. It’s more of how can each school/class afford the technology to teach their students correctly? Not all teachers or students are capable of learning online, which causes the new trending topic of technology and education to fail. It’s all about budgets. Budgeting time to teach students and teachers to use technology, budgets to keep up with the constant updates of technology, and budgets to even get it started, yet alone to have enough to teach a great number of students.

I honestly think that there are some people who would rather go to class than try to learn things differently online. I personally prefer classrooms and classmates than chatrooms and emailing questions. I like the fact that these types of education is available though, because not all people have the same way of learning. Having online courses as an option, allows students to see what’s best for them to learn and expand their way of thinking. Meshing technology and education is great idea, but it’s to the extent that not everyone will benefit from it, but many will learn from it.


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