Chapter 9 Article and Epilogue

        Chapter 9 title is “Fitting our tools to a small world.” This chapter is talk about social media can change social relationships. Shirky talks about how to use the social media meet new friend or connect the old friend on the internet. For example, Shirky uses a” friend of a friend” to show you how people use social to connect the old friend and make the new friends. In the end Shirky believes the social media can let the people communication faster.




The epilogue talks about how the social media can grow up so fast. For example in the epilogue Shirk uses the china 2008 earthquake to tell you how the social media grow up so fast. People across the social media to know what happen in the china 2008, and then they can post discussions on the social media. From the example, we can know why social media can grow up so fast. Shirk believes that will have more and more people use the social media in they life.



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