The Future of Education

In that article, It discussed about how the technologies connect our life. We are already know use computer, cell phone can let us life change more convenience.

In the article” Laptop U”. This article is tell us how the technologies change education way.  Like the online class MOOCS has time give student discussion. The new technology let students have more time to do what they want, it change traditional education way, we do not have to spend all they in the class to study.

In the article” Learning by Playing: Video Games in the classroom”, it is written by Sara Corbett. That article is discussing about education way is changing. In the article has tell us one example, have school uses modern technologies to let students learning knowledge. Teacher used technologies can let student more easy focus on the class and feel more fun on the class. May be that new way not accepted by every student, but it is good change in the education way. 

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