Education And Technology And The Future Of Education

Technology is continuously evolving every day; yet,  how is our education system adapting to the change? One example is the program mentioned in Learning By Playing Video:Games In The Classroom 2010 by Corbett. Sarah.  a new form of teaching called Quest to Learn. Quest to learn is a class that meets a few times a week with a class of twenty who take part in creating video games on laptop computers. The idea was invented by a teacher who felt kids needed a form of education that was more connected to the world out side of class room, that kids can enjoy.  The designer of the program used in quest to learn is a former school principal and also a learning scientist with a small group of game designers. Quest to learn is supported by members of the school board and several foundations who feel it is important to incorporate social media into the public school learning facilities. The point is that it is not just a game but uses the usual class curriculum to entertain the students in hopes to prepare students for the future, and a fast growing technological world. In order to instate this new model of education being called “ National Educational Technology Plan” new bolder forms of education must be considered.

Involved in this new form of education is a neuroscientist named Paul Howard-Jones, who points out that children are more motivated to learn from the excitement of the video game, and also the enjoyment of the video game allows the child to “ receive new information pleasurably.” Given this is the new form of education that is being considered to possibly take over the form of learning for future generations, the project is being studied in depth by a professor of education named Jan Plass who is looking at the structure of the game and how it affects children given the child’s gender and age.

In the article  Shop Class as Soulcraft “2006”by Crawford. Matthew.  the argument is it ethical to educate the youth for trades soon to be identified as jobs of the past is brought forth .Assuming that the technology is vastly changing at this point; is it responsible, and cost efficient, to change the educational system? And given that the point being made here is a risk being taken, and there is really no way of telling what the future may hold in regards to technology. What they fail to mention in this article is that the school system needs buffing, and looking at the situation this seems to be a economical solution.

The world is ready for this new model of education, and I am excited to see other people who share my enthusiasm for change. I have seen the education system struggle in my own generation, and I feel that the education structure is prehistoric because it is outdated and has circum to fiscal hardships. Given the fact that some public schools have even had the funding cut so drastically that paper is scarce makes me see online classrooms and video game learning as not only beneficial to a child’s attention span, but also economically reasonable and reliable.


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