August 20

August 27

  • Course Contract due (scroll to bottom of “Course Policies” page
  •  UPDATED: Begin to create your blog site and profile
  • Read Ray Bradbury’s Illustrated Man: “Prologue,” “The Veldt,” “Kaleidoscope,” “The Other Foot,” “The Highway,” and “The Man”   (Penguin edition: pages 1-77)
  • UPDATED: Start First Observation (Mark text as well as complete the first observation & inquiries page). PRINT & BRING TO CLASS.  If you have started your blog, you can also upload to your blog under unit 1 & bring in a printed copy (or something that you can read it on)
  • Powerpoint Part 1 How to perform a close reading 8.27.2013

September 3

  • Finish setting up your own blog site (come to my office hours next week if you are having difficulty)
  • Read: “The Long Rain,” “The Rocket Man,” “Fire Balloons,” “The Last Night of the World,” “The Exiles,” “No Particular Night or Morning,” “The Fox and the Forrest,” and “The Visitor”.  (pgs. 78-208).
  • Observe, Annotate, & Write up a set of questions for 4 of the stories.  Answer 2 of those questions in a formal response. Questions & Answers TYPED—Bring printed copy to class. Upload the write up to your blog for practice.

September 10 (MEET IN LIBRARY LAB 202)

September 17th

  • DUE:For the last assignment on close reading, you will design and answer a focused set of questions on a major theme, idea, argument, or symbol in The Illustrated Man.  We will be working together to craft your question set, but it must display your ability to closely read and understand important ideas or images presented in the text.  After you have the question set written and approved, you will work on 2 stories and particular passages within those stories to answer your questions through close readings of the text.  For each story, you must provide a brief summary of the plot and major ideas, and then you will use the particular selection of passages to develop your analysis.   The last paragraph will state what you have discovered about your questions and what still remains unclear or uncertain.  You will also indicate what other readings exist or other research you might perform that could be helpful in answering your question.  This assignment should be approximately 3 pages.  (Due September 17 in class for peer review).

September 24th (MEET IN LIBRARY LAB 202)

October 1


October 8 (+Conferences)

Reading: Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organizations

  • Chapter 1 “It Takes A Village to Find a Phone”
  • Chapter 2 “Sharing Anchors Community”
  • Chapter 3 “Everyone is a Media Outlet”
Responding online (Due Monday 10/7 by 5 PM)
  • Overall argument of the text so far…
  • Brief chapter summaries (topic & thesis)…
  • Reaction (agree, disagree, uncertain)…

Responding to each other (Due Tuesday before class)

  • Choose someone’s post to “comment” on (start a conversation).  Acknowledge or summarize what the writer (or poster) has said, and then assert your own opinion, reaction, or response.

How to Read Arguments I 10.8.2013

October 15 (+Conferences)



  • Finding related research:  view to learn about Academic Search Premier through the DVC library website.
  • Find 2 more articles on the idea of social media and social change by using the DVC databases. Download full text articles and save them (you will upload them to your post and your portfolio)
  • Read your articles
  • RESPONSE due online on course blog–What articles did you find? Summarize the two articles and the arguments they make.  How do these discussions connect to each other? How do they connect to what we have read thus far? What do they contribute?
  • Introduction to Unit 2 Formal Write Up (Unit 2 Formal Paper Prompt)

November 5 (BACK IN CLASS!)

November 12

  • Review session Unit 2 Portfolio Work
  • Unit 2 Portfolio

November 19

November 26

December 3 (Library)

  • HW: Preparing for Unit 3:
    •What question will you pursue?
    •What kinds of conversations have you found? Summarize the most important. (5 articles—can have some videos, too)
    •Where are you finding this information? (Look on different sites—blogs, twitter, youtube…to see what other kinds of information you find. Also look on DVC databases.  You want to make a blend of conversations).
    •Do any particular ideas get repeated in these readings? Any terms repeated? Any names?
  • Group Presentation:
  • Powerpoint 12.3.2013 Unit 3

December 10 (library)

1)What is your research question

2)What articles (name 2) do you think are most important so far? (summarize & explain)

3)Describe the “need to knows” about this conversation to someone that is smart, but is new to the conversation.  What does he/she need to know? What are people thinking/saying?

4)Type this up and include it on your “Unit 3” archive.


12.10.2013 Unit 3 Check in

December 17 (Library)

  • Research Peer REVIEW

December 20

  • Portfolio Unit 3 Due & Final Reflection

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