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Presentation information and articles will be posted here.  Follow up discussions, reviews and comments will also take place here.


One thought on “Group Articles

  1. English 116 assignment 10/22/13

    1.What is Clay Shirky’s view on social media and social change? What is his main argument? What does he believe in? Point to specific ideas and passages in his discussion to support your summary.

    response: What I understand of Clay Shirky’s view on media and social change is that his idea of “social media” and “social change” is that it’s all co-dependent on we the people. His main argument i feel in his book is that The future isn’t co-dependent on “fate” it’s co-dependent on poeple this is what I believe Shirky believes in due to the statement in front of the book “Revolution doesnt happen when society adopts new technology, ithappenswhen society adopts new behaviors.

    2. How do the articles on the Arab Spring uprisings relate to Shirky’s discussion? What do they add? Be specific.

    response: They intertwine with the idea of social uprising and commuunication, they dont really add much since it’s relatable to topics Shirky has already presented, Although Morozovs does introduce specific tools in social media such as facebook, twitter, etc.

    3. What is Morozov’s argument in his article? How does he confront or critique Shirky?

    response: Morozov’s argument is the concern of how technology (online social media) isn’t as direct, and doesn’t get a better resolve rather then confronting a problem in person.

    4. Last, what did you find? Summarize your article and what it contributes. Be specific, give examples, and point to passages or specific areas of the texts. PART 2: COMMENT Choose one person?s ideas to respond to.

    response: Link to article:

    CEO of the Russian Social Networking site VK doesn’t approve of Facebook due to it’s lack of simplcity.
    Quote: “VK is faster, easier to use, and has more functionality,” he said.

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