Unit 3

PPT with Unit 3 description11.26.2013 Unit 3

Prompt  Unit 3 Prompt

Peer Review Questions:

1) What is the writer’s topic question? Does the focus clearly relate to the idea of education and technology? What revisions would you suggest to make it stronger?

2) Has the writer effectively set up the conversation around the topic? Do you get a sense that you have the full story of the topic from the overview? Has the writer mentioned names of particular people or publications that are invested in this conversation?

3) Are the particular articles the writer chose to explore clearly summarized? What would you do to make the summaries stronger, more clear, more concise, etc.?

4) Is the writer’s own position made clear in the paper? What is the writer’s position on the topic question?

5) What do you think is the strongest element of the paper? Be specific and describe why.

6) What do you think needs the most work in the paper? Be specific and describe why. Offer revision suggestions.

7) Anything else you would recommend?




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